SAB Construction provides civil & structural engineering solutions for a variety of commercial, mixed use, hospitality and industrial iconic projects.

We are a full service contracting company that has also successfully acquired a number of supply chain complimentary businesses.  These include aluminum and façade design and build, glass reinforced concrete, woodwork, ready-made concrete, furniture manufacturing, and FFE procurement and supply businesses.  We therefore control the quality of materials and workmanship in our business and are able to offer competitive and flexible pricing options to our Clients.

Jabal Omar Makah

Al-Khair Tower - Jeddah

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

Sanabel Al-Khair- Islamic Relief

SAB Construction is an experienced company that leads the Saudi construction sector, and works to acquire complementary supply chain businesses to strengthen our core, so that we have expertise in all manner of construction projects, project development, engineering and project management, as well as facility management.


We have thought carefully about the business landscape, which is always changing, and that we needed to become an integral part of that change in mind set. The business landscape has changed at an ever increasing speed and has required us to constantly reinvent our corporate identity so that we are always first – and always agile and responsive to our stakeholders. We feel that we have a duty to provide not just construction, but also development.


We have a leading infrastructure group that operates a team of international engineers, builders, project and facility managers, analysts, and consultants. Our impact is specific: we influence the creation of iconic structures, bold engineering feats, and behind the scenes innovation.


We provide the financing and partnerships that encompass great infrastructure projects. We are leaders in infrastructure thanks to the devotion of our people, and the shared values that unite us, to ensure that our many stakeholders have the confidence to trust us and to do business with us.

Among our projects, we have been responsible for the Jabal Omar in Makah, the Emaar building in KAEC, and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s new headquarters. We have thousands of employees that carry out dedicated work on our multi-million Riyal projects; we have an outstanding record of safety; and we also have a strong reputation based on our work that includes the Burj al Kheir, and the Astar One and Two buildings.

Harameen Railway - Jeddah

Red Sea Mall - KSA

Harameen Railway - Jeddah

Ministry of Interior Headquarters - Riyadh

ALUMCO is a leading Aluminum and Façade design and build company operating throughout the Middle East

and Africa. Factories: Total of 59,000 Square Meters of premises, 8 Fabrication Facilities and 8 CNC Units Projects include major iconic building such as the Etihad Towers, Red Sea Mall and Iconic Buildings. Will contribute to RCC efforts in providing Aluminum and Façade for existing and future projects


The main aspect of ALUMCO’s business is the provision of turn key projects starting with the design and selection of aluminum systems suiting project requirements, structural calculations, shop drawings, as well as superior fabrication and installation details.

ALUMCO’s strength lies in its ability to tackle technically complicated projects and to develop innovative systems that give it an edge over competitors.


Examples of ALUMCO’s innovations are: The unitised curtain wall system which was implemented for the first time ever in the region on the ESCWA building in the Central District of Beirut. The custom unitised curtain wall designed by our Technical Department in collaboration with Schüco for the Beirut Tower, incorporating concealed tilt and slide patio doors.

SAB Offices, Jeddah - KSA

SAB Offices, Jeddah - KSA

Arabian Woodwork was founded over three decades ago, with the mission of being the leading manufacturer of wooden doors in the Arabian Peninsula. The company has a strong reputation for reliability, success and efficient service. AWW was formed with the purpose of establishing a world-class woodwork company that applies European standards of timeliness, quality, and safety to the GCC market. This is so we can cater to the various needs of a Middle East clientele.


Since its inception, AWW has gone on to not only achieve its original mission, creating thousands of doors for projects, it has moved into new areas of the market. Recognising its customers’ needs for high quality woodwork, as well as punctual delivery, the fit-out and decorative divisions were formed.


With a factory covering over 35,000m2, AWW has the most advanced equipment and employs the latest technology in order to provide customers with a higher quality production system, and to offer a diverse range of services. In addition to this, AWW’s engineering team has grown exponentially, which in turn offers their customers a higher production level.


Spraying  Process of GRC

Jebel Omar Towers -  Makkah

Gulf Readymade Concrete Products is a leader in precast manufacturing, with more than 30 years of combined experience in Saudi Arabia. It offers a wide range of precast products and has won several major developments.


The company can produce up to 1,240 m3 per day – which is the largest precast capability in the region. GRCP operations follow strict environmental, safety and quality control procedures, that cover the whole process from detailing to handing over, and maintains the excellent reputation we are proud of.

Glass-fibre reinforced concrete – GRC – is one of the most versatile and innovative building materials available today, and is making a significant contribution to cost saving, technology improvement, and to the aesthetics of the construction industry worldwide.

GRC gives architects a unique opportunity to express individual interpretation and creativity in a way not offered by any other material, in terms of shape, form, texture, weight, mould ability, and its long term technical properties.


GRCP designs, manufactures and installs GRC solutions, working closely with architects, owners, and contractors to develop the most cost-effective approach without altering the design intent. GRCP products conform to international standards, giving confidence to our customers, and ensuring the best developments possible.

Spraying  Process of GRC

Jebel Omar Towers -  Makkah

With an expertise and an ability to produce varying types of concrete, the Betomix plant can generate concrete that is customised to the unique requirements of RCC, and to other customers. Homogeneous mixing of concrete is ensured by use of special high-efficiency mixers. Well trained and experienced engineers take care of the quality of concrete.


The concrete batching plant has several aspects that include a material feeding, material measurement, concrete mixing, batching and weighing system, as well as a cement-weighing, water-weighing, and plant control systems.


Emirates Palace - UAE

Radisson Hotels and Resorts - KSA

SAB United has a solid presence throughout the Kingdom, representing many major décor and furniture brands. The platform has established itself as the prime provider in the FFE field, and brings an impressive reputation to its partners.


SAB United is one of the largest interior finishes contractors in the international market. It has moulded its organisation, and grouped all its products under one contractor in order to deliver the best results.


To do this successfully, we have in-house capabilities for the major trades and skills required – from plaster work, in its different applications, to marble and stone works, as well as woodwork, carpentry and upholstery, paint and decorative painting, and traditional decorative crafts.


In addition to our skills, we continually research new products and technologies, and their respective applications, to ensure we perform up to the challenges of competitive bidding, and to the standards required by our clients, and the trade.


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