Sheikh Salah is a pioneer in telecommunications and media in Saudi Arabia, becoming chairman for Alcatel in Saudi Arabia at the age of 22. His previous roles also include responsibility as the Chairman of the Arreyadi Newspaper, and Chairman of the Saudi Call Company. In addition, His vision has led to his ownership of TNT, as well as the creation of founding partnerships with Intel, B&B Italia, Newscorp, Microsoft and other leading media partners.


At SAB, we like to think that our mission is in crafting businesses; businesses that are excellent, creative, and innovative. This is the driving force that compels us, and allows us to build newer, better, and more effectively.


We are the investment partner of choice for international brands, and a means for new entrepreneurs who are looking for capital and business expertise, so they can develop their ideas in the manner they desire, thanks to our investment in high quality commercial property development, luxury retail, and distribution services. This is in addition to medical, and media and communications innovation. SAB invests directly in the region to bring the very best to the market.


This leads us to challenge conventions. To this end, since our formation in 1990, we have constantly led investment and development across the real estate, construction, communications, media, logistics, and distribution sectors. We have built a strong reputation with leading international businesses as their partner in the region, and are therefore, proud to be working with leading International advisors that include Intel Capital, Booze Allen Hamilton, and Ernest and Young.


SAB, is a global business, and headquartered in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having offices throughout the Middle East, as well as London, Hong Kong, and New York.


At SAB, we think ahead.



SAB Investments’ philosophy is guided by 3 key components, when combined, create significantly more value than the each of the elements individually. SAB’s investment philosophy is guided by the thinking ahead.



Our investment philosophy provides our core development and construction businesses with the power of internal supply chain and better quality product.

Why 11? At SAB investment we remove the plus, a barrier,  allowing us to achieve greater results



Invest into businesses that strengthen our core proposition

Invest into strong management teams

Remove financial burden by strengthening balance sheet and providing expansion capital to grow target



Increase Return

on Assests

Investment platform

Asset Management

Land Portfolio

Increase Value of all linked companies:








High-yield Projects




Asset Management

SAB is a highly diversified business  group and our activities span construction and infrastructure development, real estate development, hotels and hospitality, healthcare and wellness, education, information technology, trading & retail. Our group of companies are carefully picked to enhance the company offering


This offers our clients a strong diverse portfolio of offerings to take the project from concept to completion.. With in the group each companies support each other and the main core services are centralised . This enables each company to quickly mobilise on projects and  efficiently shorten project timelines, results


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