Message from our Chairman and CEO,
Sheikh Salah  Al Bluewi


“By consistently focusing on our Values and responsible business fundamentals, we shall be a leading service provider applying the best business practices, whilst building mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders”


Water is an unstoppable natural force that cannot be resisted. It has a clarity and strength that personifies who we are and what we do.


What we promise, we deliver. Like water, what we set ourselves against, we overcome. What we apply, from the smallest task to the largest project, we achieve.


SAB always looks forward, and always thinks ahead. Whether in construction or development, we actively seek new opportunities; opportunities that make us better at what we do. We buy supply chain businesses, avoid government contracts, and focus on iconic projects.


We empower women, wishing to replicate this around the world, providing them a platform to contribute to their family life, especially where they have historically not been allowed to.


We are the company that you can rely on in the future. We have creative kitchens and agencies that support businesses, and that service other businesses. We break down barriers. We have the future firmly in mind.


We are SAB.


Yours Faithfully,

Sheikh Salah Al Bluewi

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